Friday, November 26, 2010

21 days post op!!

Well, its now 3 weeks since my surgery! I'm doing well, not in an awful lot of pain and doing most things I could do before.  Still not able to pick up my little man but it won't be much longer now!! Can't lift my arm much higher than my shoulder but I'm getting better by the day!
Went back up to hospital last week to get the fluid drained from my back............ uuuugh!!!! It wasn't painful but horrible all the same!
Was back up again yesterday to see my oncologist (not sure if I spelled that right!) and I've to get 4 rounds of chemo, once every 3 weeks so I'm starting in 3 weeks, yes thats right, 1 week before christmas :-(  so she said that my hair will be starting to come out around then which I'm really not looking forward to so I've decided to do a sponsored shave a day or two before new years eve.  My aunt is going to get hers shaved too and my husband and dad have offered their services as well. My aunt has arranged karaoke for free and a couple of the local bands have offered to play too so it should be a good night! Still trying to decide exactly who to give the money to though!!
I want to get some photos of the four of us before my hair is gone because god knows when it'll grow back!  Decided to tell my almost 5 year old that my hair was going to be falling out and he got very upset........ he's just like me though, he's able to deal with things if you explain it to him so he's told me that he would prefer me to wear a wig than a scarf but he'll help me pick them out!!

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