Friday, January 14, 2011

Meet me Halfway!

Well, I'm now half way through my chemotherapy and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!!! I know its probably different for everybody but damn its been hard!!! You kinda feel like you're drunk for a week after, its really hard to do anything that involves getting off the sofa and actually moving!! Your head feels funny, your eyes can't see straight, you have zero energy and basically feel like crap!!! Oh and don't forget about having zero taste buds!!! The only things I could taste were Romantica, Chocolate Kimberleys and cans of Coke!! I haven't felt overly queasy or anything but have the tablets to take if I need them. You have to get an injection 24 hours after chemo and it gave me awful bone pains both times so far. Its very hard though as with the 2 boys I need my mother to come down and mind the 3 of us for a week after!!  I was just about feeling normal on christmas day and thank god my taste had came back so we all had a wonderful dinner cooked by my lovely husband!!  I even had a couple of drinks!

Then on New Years Day we had our sponsored head shave and the turnout was absolutely AMAZING!!!! The pub was overflowing, standing room only!!! There was a photographer there who took loads of pictures that you can see here and there was a write up in this weeks Wicklow Times which was great publicity!!  There was 10 of us who got shaved and a few others got waxed which was great to watch!!!!!!!  We had over 30 spot prizes for the raffle and everybody was just so generous with their hard earned money!! To date we have raised almost €6,000!!! Its still coming in!!  I'm so happy with how it went!!  Everyone kept telling me how well I looked with the shaved head but I had spent over an hour that day doing my make up and wore my false eyelashes and everything!!!!

My hair had actually started coming out a day or two before so when I was straightening it there was clumps falling out onto the floor so we actually couldn't have timed it any better!!  The stubble was coming out all over the place though so my husband got his Gillette Fusion and some foam and shaved it off for me and now I'm as bald as a coot!! I have my wig and have worn it out a couple of times but its actually quite hot so I don't think I'll be wearing it every day, maybe just when I'm going out.  I have a few head scarves too which I like to wear around the house.  I wear a bandana or little hat in bed as the pillow feels like ice on my bare head!!!  So now I've another 2 weeks of feeling semi-normal until round 3 but as long as I live to tell the tale, I'll try not to complain too much!!!