Friday, December 10, 2010

God Damn Snow!!!

Well, this day next week I start chemo and I've decided to shave my hair off before it falls out so we've organised a sponsored head shave on New Years day!! My aunt is shaving her hair too ( I told her she's nuts!!!) and my husband, dad and a few others.  We've organised Karaoke and a couple of bands and we're going to have a raffle and everything!! Should be a good laugh!
Going wig shopping next thursday so hopefully I'll get a nice wig for myself! Am planning on getting a few cheaper ones from ebay too just for a change as I usually dye my hair a different colour every couple of months anyway!!
Feeling down in the dumps today from being stuck inside the house for so long with this bloody weather......... its impossible to walk anywhere because the footpaths are so bloody slippy!! I hope to god that it all melts away soon or I'll lose the head altogether!!

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